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In Laboratory of Agricultural Systems Engineering (LASE), many research projects have been propelled aiming to construct new bio-production systems (an open field production system, a plant factory system, a production system in outer space, and etc.) by use of high technologies. Especially, robotics and machine vision are ones of the most important technologies. Here, some of the research activities are introduced.

Robotics for bio-prodcution

Many robots for bio-production have been developed in the world and it is predicted that they will be commercialized in the 21st century, since some of them were already commercialized by some companies in Japan and European countries. A tomato and cherry tomato harvesting robot, a cucumber harvesting robot, strawberry harvesting robots, a multi-operation robot to work in grapevine yard, and a chrysanthemum cutting sticking robot, which have been developed in our laboratory, are described below.

  • Tomato and cherry tomato harvesting robot
  • Cucumber harvesting robot
  • Strawberry harvesting robots
  • Multi-operation robot for grapevine
  • Safety system for agricultural robot
  • Chrysanthemum cutting sticking robot

  • Machine vision technology

    Machine vision technology has been widly spread and been applied to many research fields. Several research projects using the technology have been conducted in our laboratory, while it is essential for robotic eye.

  • Weed Detection in lawn field
  • Plant diagnosis system
  • Quality Evaluation for agricultural products

  • List of Recent English Publications in Laboratory of Agricultural Systems Engineering
  • A monograph "Robotics for Bio-production Systems" edited by Naoshi Kondo and K. C. Ting

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