Chrysanthemum cutting sticking robot

Chrysanthemum cutting sticking robot

Fig.1 shows a robotic cutting sticking system (Monta et al., 1995b, Kondo et al., 1996b; 1997a ). The system mainly consists of three sections; a cutting providing system, a leaf removing device (Fig.2) and a stikcing device (Fig.3). First, a bundle of cutting is put into a water tank. The cuttings are spread out on the water by vibration of the tank. The cuttings are picked by a manipulator based on information of cutting position from a TV camera. Secondly, another TV camera recognizes the shape of cutting transferred from the water tank by the manipulator and detects its position and direction. The TV camera indicates the grasping position of the cutting for another manipulator. Thirdly, the manipulator moves the cutting to the leaf removing device and to the sticking device. Finally, the cuttings are stuck into a plug tray by the planting device. This robotic project is cooperated with JA and an electronics company (Fig.4).

Fig.1 Chrysanthemum cutting sticking robot system.

Fig.2 Leaf removing device.

Fig.3 Sticking device.

Fig.4 Prototype of the sticking robot system manufactured by an electronics company.

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