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Design of manipulator to harvest tomato
Tomato harvesting end-effector using suction pad
Pneumatic end-effector for harvesting cherry tomato
Manipulator for cucumber harvesting robot
Bagging end-effector for robot to work in vineyard
Spraying operation for grapevine using manipulator
Obstacle avoidance control of manipulator to work in vineyard using ultrasonic sensor
End-effector for cucumber harvesting robot
Manipulator and end-effector for harvesting strawberry on hydroponic system
Machine vision guidance for strawberry harvesting robot
Safety system for agricultural robot - Human detection by using infrared sensor -
Safety system for agricultural robot - Human sensing system -
Safety system for agricultural robot - Evaluation of degree of danger by computer simulation -
Safety system for agricultural robot - Manipulator control -
Quality evaluation on chrysanthemum cut flower using machine vision
Quality evaluation on orange fruit using neural network


Control method on 7 DOF manipulator
Grape harvesting robot
Grape berry thinning end-effector
Visual sensor for cucumber harvesting robot
Machine vision algorithm for harvesting cherry tomato
Chrysanthemum cutting sticking robot system
Machine vision algorithm for chrysanthemum cutting sticking robot
Cutting providing system for chrysanthemum cutting sticking robot
Harvesting robot for strawberry on soil


Study on cucumber harvesting robot
Study on leaf vegetable harvester
Quality evaluation on spray type chrysanthemum cut flower
Machine vision for detecting weed in lawn field

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