Sweet potatoes diary

Sweet potatoes diary


21 April, sweet potatoes cultivation started. Hey girl!! Want to go for a ride on my tractor??


21 April, fertilization was done after careful calculations. This year, beside physical strength, we tried to be smart farmer

Weed prevention

21 April, Weed prevention-sheet. A Malaysian migrant worker was employed


21 April, something to look forward to after a day of hardwork. Even our lecturer can't wait for the delicious grilled meat!

Ridge building

30 April, 3rd year students were involved as we're lack of manpower.

Ridge building

The ridges were perfetly done!!

Weed prevention sheet & Irrigation

30 April, irrigation tubes and weed prevention sheet were laid on the ridges

Weed prevention

30 April, slope area was convered by the weed prevention sheet. This perhaps will help in reducing the volume of work


1 June, all the sweet potatoes were successfully transplanted


14 July, the sweet potatoes is growing fast, 3rd month of pregnancy

Before harvesting

23 October, wondering how is the yield of this year?!

Clearing of the sweet potatoes' stem

23 October, it's hard work. Need to clear it properly as it might jam up the tractor's rotary


23 October, the moment seeing the result of half year's hard work

Harvesting 1

23 October, a sign of high yield this year!?

Harvesting 2

23 October, big harvest!!

Cleaning of sweet potatoes

Washing the sweet potatoes witl all our loves


23 October, cured sweet potatoes will last for longer period

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